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Bo’ness Sporting Automobile Club was formed in 2022.

Mike Christie in his Kieft exiting the Courtyard, June 1951. Photo credit Frank Hopkins.Our aim is to host motorsport events at the historic old hill climb track in Kinneil Estate Bo’ness and to help preserve the heritage and tradition of Scotland’s oldest permanent motorsport venue.

The Club came about as a result of numerous enquiries to Kenny Baird with regards to the future of the Bo’ness Hill Climb. Soundings were taken and various people asked if they were prepared to help some of whom had already offered assistance to others. After discussion it was realised that a new club was required with a short term plan to run a hill climb at Kinneil in September 2022 and suitable financial support was sought.

Given the late start, the support the event is receiving is phenomenal and whilst it will take time we have all the necessary agreements already sorted in principal.

web 2Ken Wharton in his ERA rounding Old Paddock, June 1953. Photo credit Frank HopkinsSimilar to 2008, when Bill Drysdale, Kenny Baird and others helped start the first of the modern era Bo'ness events, this will be kept simple and designed for drivers, with the intention to get six runs per day by giving drivers priority in the planning.

Obviously, as this is a new Club, we have no funding to fall back on from previous years therefore we will need to have sensible prices to build up all the items that are needed to run the event. We are delighted to say that several experienced personnel that have become Bo'ness regulars have volunteered to continue helping run the 2022 Bo’ness Hill Climb.

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Your membership and support will help to ensure our event is viable and successful.

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